Router Basics: Changing Passwords and Accessing the Router Interface Explained!

Living without internet is practically not possible in the present “gadget dependent” life of 21st century. While, wireless network for homes has become a commonplace today, many people still struggle with router setup and password setup due to dearth of knowledge. If you are one such individual who feels helpless when it comes to dealing with router basics, we break down all important information from changing router password to retrieving lost one in detail here!

Understanding “Routers”

Routers are medium that allow internet connectivity from network to your personal device. Router settings are controlled via the mechanism of a username and password. Whether, its network settings, parental controls or security options, router configuration get protected through passwords. dlink router setup

Accessing the Default Credentials: Username and Password

If you are thinking of resetting router credentials, we would recommend trying finding the default password and username of your router to log in to its interface. There are two modes in which this is possible:

  • Make use of user manual that comes in with your router. The username and password combinations for router can vary depending upon brand and model. Even if you have lost the manual, simply refer the official site and find it by entering in your router model number.
  • Many routers come with a sticker placed beneath or at the back that consist of all the basic information like model number, IP, and default credentials. If you are lucky, you might get the default password printed on the sticker itself.
  • If above two methods fail, you can try some common username and passwords. For example: many routers have “admin” as their username and password both, some have the former as username while password is left blank. More such possible combinations could be found on the internet.

Factory Reset: Switching to the Default Mode

Once you have found the default password, you will be ready to move to the next step that is resetting your router to the factory mode.There is a small button behind router’s back that needs to be pressed to switch the router to its factory mode. Factory reset involves a compete wipe out of all the user settings like network control, parental options, forward ports and custom defined passwords. This step lets a user accessing router using its default credentials post router is configured properly.

While the process for resetting a router to factory mode is more or less similar, it can vary depending upon model. The router’s manual would be the best resource to look up to specific instructions.

To get started, press the pinhole button at the back of your router for about 10 seconds. If it is too deep centred, use a pin or a toothpick to press it firmly. Once you hold back, router will start reset launch and come to its factory mode and will reboot. On completion, you can successfully log in to the router interface using your router’s default username and password.


Tesla Model 3 P100D Review, Price, Release Date & User Guide

If you have even a passing enthusiasm for the Tesla Model S, you’ll have seen the perpetual web videos where somebody has arranged a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or another quick, intriguing auto you could name, to race against it.

There’s a long develop, more often than not including men who can’t operate a baseball top, a drag strip and numbskull words in the feature like “crushes” or “tears,” or whatever. There’s typically a bundle of blaring brothers with awful hair styles viewing on, as of now arranging their next viral video where they set a splendidly decent cell phone ablaze.

It’s simple and stupid and doesn’t provide you any genuine insight with regards to the profundity of whatever supercar it has “embarrassed” or, similarly as vitally, the profundity of the Model S and its terrific building.

In this way, I won’t be spending the following thousand words developing to the conclusion that the Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode is up there with the world’s speediest generation autos from 0-100km/h, since I’ll disclose to you now that it is, and it does it in a guaranteed 2.7 seconds.

Is there anything fascinating about its design?

The Model S is unquestionably the looker of the three Tesla model3 car on special (the Model 3 may be some path from discharge. However, you can save one, and it’s… unusual looking). With a smooth, Jaguar XF/Audi A7 roofline and low-threw position, it looks the business. Like the X, the enumerating of the auto’s surfacing and board holes aren’t the place other $200,000+ autos are. However it has enhanced a great deal in the course of the most recent few years.

The styling is very meager, truly. Teslas look like PC renders, all things considered, particularly in white, with little in the method for adornments or nitty gritty design components. Also, that is presumably the thought. It’s a cleaner design than when initially propelled, with a less complex, compliment nose that draws out the headlights better.

How practical is the space inside?

The Model S is an uncommon auto in this class in that it has a level floor, which means raise situate travelers don’t need to arrange a transmission burrow. The two motors run physically freely of each other, so there’s no crankshaft to act as a burden.

The floor is thicker than a typical auto; it resembles a major skateboard underneath. That implies your knees are up higher, which may cause numb bum on a long outing. The back seats are sufficiently agreeable. However, center seat inhabitants may feel like the detachable travelers are falling into them.

Does it speak to great incentive at the cost? What highlights does it accompany?

Tesla is essentially an innovation organization – well, a battery organization – that makes autos, so the elements and alternatives mirror that. It’s a contraption loaded five-entryway incubate controlled solely by power and apparently brimming with things that will deplete the batteries rapidly.

On the off chance that you see the auto’s cost simply through its standard components list and the cost of alternatives, you’re overlooking what’s really important. On the off chance that it had a 3.0-liter turbo six, it is highly unlikely you’d pay this sort of cash for the Model S. In any case; it doesn’t have that, it has a front line battery pack and drives framework.

The Model S can be had for as meager as $118,652 for the 60 offering 400km territory, raise wheel drive, and 5.8s 0-100km/h (yet move rapidly, Tesla has recently cut out this model), or as much as this P100D which starts at $250,582.

What are the key details for the motor and transmission?

The P100D ships with two electric motors sustained by an immense battery pack which triples as the heft of the case and a super-solid crash structure. It’s additionally imparted to the Model X SUV.

Consolidated power yield is 568kW with a greater amount of it out the back instead of in advance. Torque is cited at 1000Nm. However, it’s probably more than that. Guaranteed 0-100km/h time is a somewhat extraordinary 2.7 seconds, with a further two-tenths to be shaved off when you press and hold Ludicrous Mode and acknowledge a notice that you’ll destroy the auto speedier on the off chance that you utilize it.

What amount of fuel does it devour?

Zippo. Clearly with the new standards for Tesla Superchargers, it’s not as modest to possess and run a Tesla as it was before (from January 2017, every single new request don’t get free squeeze after the initial 400kWh), yet in the event that you charge it at home (and can escape with it), it’ll presumably be less expensive than utilizing Tesla’s chargers. On the off chance that you look, there’s an organization offering $1 every day charging for electric autos.

In the event that I’d charged the auto to 100 percent as opposed to the 80 percent prescribed by Tesla for most charges (past that stamp, the charge rate drops and the software needs to ease back to a stream, doling out the electrons to the diverse cells), I would have overseen a little more than 400km on the charge.

What’s it get a kick out of the chance to drive?

The first occasion when I drove a Model S, I appreciated the increasing speed and the hush of the electric motor (this was back in the Dark Ages when even the P90 just had one motor). What’s more, that has stayed, with the air suspension giving a firm however agreeable ride regardless of the P100D’s 21-inch edges and low profile tires. Electric motoring in any electric auto is addictive.

Much advance has been made (yes, I’m getting to the increasing speed, remain with me) in the way it drives. The prior autos felt too PC gamey, with little feel through the wheel or the seat of your jeans. The controlling is better, particularly in Sports mode, yet not a ton traverses the air suspension, so it takes a while to assemble trust in the skeleton.

Best Motherboards For Gaming 2017 Buyers Guide

The motherboard is the central correspondence center for your PC. It’s the place the greater part of your segments connect to and can speak with each other. The motherboard you decide for your gaming PC will hugely affect the nature of your assemble. On the off chance that you pick a low-end modest motherboard, you will be adhered getting shoddy low-end segments.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you pick an element rich and capable motherboard, you won’t just experience the advantages now. However, you will likewise set yourself up with a lot of space to overhaul later on.

While a motherboard wouldn’t directly affect your gaming knowledge, it plays a gigantic part in your PC. Along these lines, you have to consider assigning a not too bad segment of your financial plan towards your motherboard.

A few the sheets here are victors of past round-ups, while others are appearing in this arrival of the guide. After a considerable measure of sales, a couple of mATX models have been fused for engineers thinking nearly nothing yet not ITX unassuming, and since expenses for sections are on the rising, the formula for spending picks now pushes regard harder than at whatever other time. The minimum costly motherboard said here is under $70 in the city,  Best Motherboards Gaming for pc just a single of a couple that cost under $100.


While AMD’s new Ryzen CPUs have finally displayed a genuine test to Intel’s top of the line processors, most benchmarks demonstrate that, for gaming, Intel is as yet the better alternative.

Also, of the best stages to fabricate another gaming PC around, your best choice is Intel’s LGA 1151 CPUs. Attachment LGA 1151 is not exactly as outrageous as Intel’s LGA 2011 attachment. However, it brings enough to the table to make it deserving of basically any top of the line gaming PC fabricate.

Eventually, on the off chance that you have a direct spending plan and your objective is to construct a 4K or VR-accommodating gaming PC, you will probably need to investigate an LGA 1151-based form. They’re also know as best motherboard brand in todays date.


AMD’s Ryzen CPUs have arrived and with them have come new AM4 motherboards. The fresh out of the box new AMD design is energizing since it has been a drawn-out period before AMD has pushed the high-end of the CPU advertise.

Also, regardless of benchmarks demonstrating that Intel’s Kaby Lake CPUs are as yet beating AMD’s Ryzen processors in gaming, for different purposes like video altering, illustrations plan, and gushing, Ryden’s new centers and strings help drive it ahead.


In case you’re searching for a shoddy LGA 2011 motherboard, you can forget about it. The LGA 2011 attachment is not for the easygoing PC developers who are quite recently hoping to construct an average gaming PC.

Or maybe, LGA 2011 is intended to deal with Intel’s outrageous release processors and along these lines is just prescribed on the off chance that you need to go full scale on your next PC fabricate.

Costs for LGA 2011 motherboards begin in the $200s, the reason is they’re one of the best motherboards for gaming know for their quality and performance and go well into the $300s and $400s. Furthermore, all things considered, I honestly wouldn’t prescribe running with the LGA 2011 attachment unless you’re anticipating spending at any rate $1,500 add up to on your framework.

S-U-M-M-E-R Tips from Positive Directions

Positive Directions would like to remind parents that summer vacation means many teens are looking forward to more free time and less responsibility. For precisely this reason, the summer months can present new challenges for parents.Here’s a list of simple things parents can say and do to help their kids stay alcohol and drug free.

1. Set rules:  Let your child know that under-age drinking is unacceptable. The majority of kids say that upsetting their parents or losing the respect of family and friends is one of the main reasons they don’t drink or use other drugs. Set limits with clear consequences for breaking them. Praise and reward good behavior.

2. Understand and communicate: Take time to learn the facts about underage drinking and talk to your teen about its harmful health and social effects on young users.

3. Make sure you know where your teen is: Know where your teen will be and what they will be doing during unsupervised time. Research shows that teens with unsupervised time are more likely to engage in risky behaviors such as underage drinking, sexual activity and cigarette smoking.

4. Make sure you know who your teen is with: Get to know your teens friends and their parents by inviting them over for dinner or talking with them at your teens soccer practice, dance rehearsal or other activities. Stay in touch with the adult supervisors of your child (camp counselors, coaches, employers).

5. Engage your teen in summer activities:  Enroll your child in a supervised summer camp, educational program, or a summer sports league. Research shows that teens who are involved in constructive, adult-supervised activities are less likely to drink or use drugs

6.Reserve time for family:  Spend time together as a family regularly.

For more tips on talking with your teen during the summertime or anytime visit:

Parent Program with Matt Bellace, Ph.D. Speaker & Comedian on May 17th

Parent Program for the Weston Community :

Come to “Supporting Your Teen in Making Positive Choices” on May 17th at 7PM in the Weston Library Community Room.

Dr. Bellace is author of A Better High: A Humorous Look at Getting High Naturally, Everyday. He has a Ph.D in clinical neuropsychology and over 15 years of speaking and stand-up comedy experience. As a comedian , he has appreared on truTVs The Smoking Gun Presents and can be heard on Sirius XMs comedy channels.

Sponsored by WHSADAP and WYS, Dr. Bellace will provide examples of how to communicate effectively about responsibility, healthy coping skills and alcohol and drug use and he will present current research on adolescent brain development and answer questions.

For more information check out the program flyer:MAY 17 Matt Bellace Flyer

Great Assembly at Weston High School: Matt Bellace

How to Get High Naturally: L.E.A.D.

a. Lean on Healthy People for Support,
b. Express Yourself in a Healthy Way,
c. Achieve Natural Highs, and
d. Don’t Be Afraid to Take A Stand

The Power of Parents: Positive Directions Provides some Great Information

Did you know…

  • Parents who had clear discussions with their children around the risks of underage drinking before the age of 10, had children who were less likely to initiate alcohol use early.
  • Children who drink before the age of 15 are 4 times more likely to develop a lifelong dependency on alcohol.
  • It is illegal to allow minors to possess alcohol or “host” underage drinking parties.
  • 65% of teenagers report they get their alcohol from family & friends.
  • Alcohol used during adolescence may affect brain development.

To view the full “The Power of Parents” brochure with parenting tips, information on alcohol & the teenage brain and other resources, please visit Positive Directions

Detective Carl Filsinger Answers Questions on Underage Drinking

Detective Carl Filsinger, Weston Police Department moderates Weston’s eWatch Yahoo Group:

Q. Can parents legally buy a drink for their own under 18 child in a restaurant? Offer a glass of wine at home? And what about a child who is 18, but not 21 yet?
A restaurant cannot serve anyone under the age of 21. A parent may serve a glass of wine to their own children only while at home. They cannot serve anyone under the age of 21 while in their home. They are criminally and civilly responsible.

Q. If a parent suspects that their teen is drinking and driving, can they ask the police to pull him/her over and administer a sobriety test? If the test is positive, can the consequences be modified to avoid going to court, as I understand it is very costly for the parents?

A person can be placed on a breathalyzer at the police department only after there was probable cause to make a motor vehicle stop (a violation) and after a field sobriety test, a field investigation and an interview with the person who was arrested for DWI. To be placed on the Breathalyzer, the person has to be in police custody i.e. under arrest.

A parent can tell if their child has been drinking and driving as their breath (a slight hint is enough), body odor, motor skills, speech, and appearance are all signs that you will be able to notice.

I recommend that the issue not be discussed when observed but at a time when all minds are clear. There will be less chance for a difficult confrontation.

Also, check the motor vehicle department home page about what a parent can do with respect to an underage person’s driver’s license.

Remind your teen: driving a motor vehicle in Connecticut is a privilege not a right.

10 Resolutions That Show Your Kids You Care

From the Partnership at

  1. Teach your children to trust you by seeing you as a role model.
  2. Be patient, not just tolerant. Apologize when you make a mistake or do something you regret.
  3. Ask teens what they need from you – and do whatever you can to meet those needs.
  4. Listen to your teens, a lot. Avoid interrupting.
  5. Teach your children about ethics, values and principles they can apply in choices and decision making.
  6. Help them discover the feeling of gratitude, not just to say thank you.
  7. Keep the promises you make. If you do not keep your word, acknowledge that. Help your teen understand the circumstances or choices that precipitated the change in your plans.
  8. Answer your teen’s questions and be consistent. When you notice behavioral changes in them, make yourself available and encourage them to talk about what is going on in their life.
  9. Be understanding when they have a difficult time and let them know you will love them no matter what.
  10. Be diligent. Have ongoing conversations with your kids about the risks of drugs and alcohol.

Best Wishes for a safe, happy and healthy New Year

New York Times: Drinking, Driving and Paying

Excellent essay on Drinking & Driving:

Drinking, Driving and Paying
Published: December 3, 2010
The consequences and calculations of being over the legal limit.

Here’s what can happen: You attend a small dinner party at your brothers house with your 80-year-old mother, your visiting 74-year-old second cousin from Holland and assorted other family members. As per family custom, you enjoy hors d’oeuvres and several glasses of wine over a lovely meal full of conversation and laughter.

Around 9 o’clock, after a couple of small cups of coffee, and a little more wine, a thimbles worth of Scotch, you prepare to leave, and do so. Ten minutes later, on a quiet country road near a small town, you notice flashing blue lights behind you; you stop, and you are spoken to by a young officer who asks if you have been drinking.

Click link to continue reading…

In The News: Caffeine Alcohol Drinks Unsafe

We are sharing the latest news on caffeinated alcoholic beverages

Click on this link for a recent article from CNN:


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