About ADAP

ADAP’s mission is to provide education and resources to promote wellness among teens and families in Weston.

The nonprofit provides a monthly, confidential forum for two student groups to discuss the challenges they face both in and outside of school, and issues relevant to overall wellness. Both groups are led by facilitator Tim Walsh, a recovery coach and former Executive Director of Newport Academy.

High School Youth Wellness Council:
A group of about 30 teens meet to talk about issues including social and academic pressures and how to make safe choices about alcohol and drugs.

7th and 8th Grade Youth Wellness Council:
ADAP has committed to launching a middle school peer group with a focus on Connections, Integrity, and Wellness.


Evergreen Dance: We organize a semi-formal dance for 9th and 10th grade students who are encouraged to attend in groups or with a date. Evergreen is a festive and fun tradition that allows students to socialize in an alcohol-free setting.

Community Events: We are sponsoring a vaping presentation, “Up in Smoke: The Dangers of E-Cigarettes,” on November 14 at Weston Middle School. A prevention expert from Positive Directions in Westport will lead this session.

Spring Speaker: Each spring, we select a professional speaker to deliver an inspiring, engaging message about timely and relevant topics to all Weston High School students.

Haze: We have worked with WHS to implement a program in health classes to show “Haze,” a movie focusing on alcohol abuse and hazing on college campuses.

Narcan Training: We provided a free Narcan Training course in the spring of 2018/2019 and plan to do so again.Take Back Box/National Take Back Day: ADAP and the Weston Police now provide a Take Back Box in Weston and work together to educate the public about the risks of keeping unused prescription drugs at home.

ADAP has been recognized by the State of Connecticut’s Governor’s Prevention Partnership, the Connecticut Coalition to Stop Underage Drinking, for its initiatives in their prevention efforts regarding the use of alcohol use by youth, educating the community about the risks of substance abuse, and for providing a safe, and healthy environment for their youth. We invite you to learn more and become a part of our team.

ADAP and ADAP’s Youth Wellness Council have been supported by
The Mid-Fairfield Substance Abuse Coalition, United Way of Westport/Weston, Kiwanis of Weston, County Assemblies, Weston Women’s League, and Weston Boosters.

Executive Board
President: Robert Handel
Vice President: Sonya Stack
Past President: Eilene Brostoff
Treasurer:Lawrence Danter
Website: Robert Handel

Sitta Harris
Jonathan Stein
Kimberly Schleef
Cindy Tamburri
Kristana Esslinger

Youth Wellness Council
YWC Facilitator: Tim Walsh

YWC High School Reps

Jackson Mayer
Jamie Vacca
Joshua Handel

Evergreen Ball Chair:
Sharon Ferraro

  • What’s Happening ADAP



    (First Monday of each month at the Weston Public Library)
    Grades 7 & 8 Meeting time TBD
    Grades 9-12 Meeting Time 7pm-9pm

    2019/2020 Meeting Dates: Oct. 7, Nov. 4, Dec. 2, Jan. 6, Feb. 3, Mar. 4, Apr. 6, May 4, June 4 (possible make-up or end of year party depending on school calendar). Meetings will be held in the  Community Room at the Weston Public Library.


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